Where it
all started

Bombay Story has a Dabba to go service that is the talk of the town.

‘Dabbawalla” literally translates to ‘one who carries a box’. Beginning with one man named Mahadeo in 1890, a successful lunch delivery service has been used across India.
Offering home-cooked meals for the masses, delivered in tiffin’s or ‘dabbas’.

The hustle
& bustle

Fast forward to 2020, and our passion to deliver quality, delicious home-cooked meals to the home, work-place or in our restaurant still remains. However, we promise that although our restaurant has a vibrant café feel, with open kitchen, you will receive a more relaxed dining experience. You might spot a ‘dawa’, or two, but they will not be balanced precariously…

The difference

Our aim is for all guests to be greeted with warm, open arms. We welcome you into our beautiful restaurant where you will be transported to a ‘whole new world’ of Indian cooking. Every detail has been considered by our experienced management team and award-winning chefs. We can’t wait to meet you.